Single Page Web Design Inspirations

You will find below the best Single Page website designs to inspire you. If you are looking for graphic design ideas and inspirations to build your next Single Page website or app, you are at the right place.

About our Single Page Web Design Inspirations

While it’s never been easier to build a website, it’s arguably never been tougher to build a successful website that will help your brand convert like crazy. There are many reasons for this. First, unless your business operates in a very specific niche, are the only provider of a specific product or service, or are an innovator and disruptor, the competition you face is likely to be huge. Second, you probably want to include a lot of information on your website. After all, some people told you that having more pages was great for SEO and would give you more opportunities to bring organic traffic to your website.

While those people aren’t wrong, what a large website also brings is the opportunity for your customers to get distracted and fall out of your planned user journeys.

By choosing a modern and unique one-page website design, not only do you help to remove distractions, you also make it much easier for people to find the information they’re looking for. For many people, a one page website design will feel unique, so while it may take some getting used to, they’ll quickly appreciate how easy your site is to use, and see your desire for keeping things simple as a positive attribute that reflects on your brand!

How can a one-page website design help your business?

Many people who don’t favor one-page website designs often give the reason that you’ll end up with too much information on your page.

However, as you’ll see from the one-page website design ideas we’ve picked out, that typically isn’t the case. It’s this lesson that is key to getting the most from your single page website design. Websites that take advantage of one-page design don’t simply take all the information they would ordinarily feature over several pages and cram it into one. Instead, they thoughtfully consider what information they really need to include in their website. Think about what you’d include on your website if you only had one page to work with anyway and go from there.

In terms of the benefits to your business, you’ll find yourself giving much more focus to the key elements of your services or products. When was getting to the point quicker ever a bad thing?!

What types of website should use single page website designs?

A one-page website design project might not be a good idea if you’re an eCommerce website – unless you’re literally selling two or three products and can sell them without having individual pages for each. Likewise, if you’re looking to develop a blog or magazine style site, a one-page design may not be the most effective in terms of delivering a memorable user experience.

However, if you’re an SaaS platform or are simply looking to use your website to attract enquiries or as a lead generation vehicle, a one page design can be excellent, allowing you to focus on the key things you wish to communicate and inspire the action you want users to take.

That said, if you’re passionate about using a single page design, there’s nothing stopping you trying it out, whatever your business and whatever the type of website you’re looking to build.

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